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The Climate of Change

We have never experienced such change in all of history as a global population. Even the world wars which did affect much of the world didn’t reach the entire planet like now. We are facing the most historical shift of known times.

It has caused us to feel a span of emotions. It has caused us to ask ourselves hard questions. It’s caused us to look at our mortality and self-preservation. Then from other perspectives it has shown us our immortality and our spiritual nature which is eternal.

More people are opening spiritually and questioning the difference between the rhetoric and the truth. This causes confusion for people and more and more of us are turning off the news. The media is spinning a fury of misinformation and more people are seeing through the illusion this world has been created upon. More people are ‘waking up’.

What is beautiful about this ‘Waking Up’ process is that no matter what level you are at in your experience, there are so many folks out there going through the same shift and you are not alone. It is time.

If you are experiencing fear and anxiety regarding these times, there are simple techniques to address them and many professionals out there to assist you with easing your symptoms. Some of those techniques in short are The Thymus Thump, deep breathing techniques, and humming. That is all demonstrated in an online webinar I created called From Freak Out to Peace Out. They are basic and simple and free.

To get to the root cause of your angst, you must get to a calm or neutral state to gain clarity. Oh, you may be thinking, the root cause is losing my job, relationship issues or not being able to go to church, or being quarantined, or, or, or. Unfortunately, those are symptoms, the root cause is deeper within you and in conflict with your soul. These times invoke this depth of change. Some are willing and thriving and some are not and suffering.