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Empower Your Sovereign Self

The world seems to be more chaotic lately and that can throw us off. Despite that, we strive to be the best version of ourselves. There are some people who mess the whole thing up by causing us to act in a way totally unbecoming to who we desire to be. This can knock us off our center.

Case in point: My daughter was put on this earth for both she and I to learn some really intense lessons. Are you feelin’ me? There is this unconscious, out of nowhere reaction when the buttons get pushed and we are in squabble mode. As I grow and learn, there are times when I am able to pause and not react. It’s not perfect yet, and our interactions are getting better. Fortunately, I have equipped myself with some tools to prevent me from staying in any kind of negative state for too long.

Have you ever had someone offer you great ‘unsolicited’ advice, and while they mean well, they have essentially just insulted you? These sorts of experiences have left me dumbfounded in the past and I didn’t know what to say. Saying nothing was the best thing I did, yet I was left feeling bad about myself. My current awareness shows me that it was a complete projection of their own “stuff” and therefore had little to do with me. I now realize it’s not mine…it’s the water off a ducks’ back at cha!

Have you ever walked into a place and it felt heavy or strange and you just wanted to turn around and get the 'bleep' out of there? Is there that person in your life who you actually have to muster up the energy to talk to because afterwards you feel drained or needing a nap?

These examples are vastly different types of energy robbing you of your sovereign space. Let’s define sovereign for clarity: “Acting independently and without outside interference.” The sovereign self is the most empowered space to be in. This is where we stand in our own power and truth.

We are ‘energy’ at our essence. That energy is expressed thr