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Beauty in the Simple

Have you ever thought about something in a lighthearted way, forgotten about it, and then have it just show up on your life? That’s how it is supposed to be! This is manifesting, and it can happen surprisingly fast, but over the millennia we have been conditioned to think otherwise.

In a world that edifies complexity, difficulty, struggle and toil, I offer a refreshing view. What if life is meant to be easy and just flow? What if we could simply think about what we want, and create it without effort? This is the easy way, the way nature intended!

Once upon a time there was actually peace upon the earth and most all things were in balance. But the scales tipped, and the resulting imbalances now cause us a more difficult way of life. The imbalances continue to this day, but people are waking up and beginning to understand that balance is a natural part of living on this planet.

Manifesting the life we dream is within our grasp.

My experience has been one of unplugging from the outside world and tuning into my inside world. The time invested in holding manifesting thoughts saves thousands of action hours. Talk about a time saver!

So, what is a manifesting though? It involves paying attention and having good thoughts, feelings and actions. You start with the thought of something you desire. Then you create a vision of it that lights you up. Hold that vision and allow it to move you in an organic fashion. Know that you can rely on the resources of the unseen to provide impulses, nudges and thoughts to move you take inspired action. It’s fun, adventurous and life flows freely.

However, most of the world does not operate like this. Most of us believe it takes work, effort and struggle to get what we want. We have yet to realize that we can consciously create.

How does one attain this flow? First, stop playing tug-of-war with your beliefs and your desires. If you want to have more money, for instance, then quit obsessing about being broke because in doing so you are you are creating and maintaining your vision of being broke. Instead, hold a vision of the end result of having more money. See yourself behind the wheel of that red sports car, or lying on the beach in some exotic destination. Get the drift? It’s a mindset, a habit of thinking to replace the tug-of-war habit.

The essence of manifesting is to feel good no matter what. Of course there will be days when you are not feeling your best in thought, word or deed. These are times when you seek out something that brings you to a happy space and shifts your attitude to the positive. This could be a song, a comical video clip that makes you laugh or a happy memory. Do what it takes to get back to feeling good. It’s very simple, I didn’t say easy, yet it can be easy if you allow it to be. And, with practice it will get easier over time.

In closing, if you experience difficultly finding this alignment, perhaps you would benefit from guidance. That is where a Life Coach, like myself, can assist you in discovering the methods that work best for you.

Be the change you want to see. If you are out of balance and not congruent within yourself, it’s time to begin making changes in order to manifest that desired person you choose to become.

Shelly Valinttine guides people to the life they desire by liberating pasts beliefs, habit and thoughts. Text for a free phone consulation.330-415-5199.

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