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After a decade of working with another life coach and not getting the results I desired while experiencing turmoil in various situations, it was time to find a solution.  By Divine intervention, I found Shelly.   She facilitated healing and growth in 2 sessions that I had not achieved previously in 10 years.  Her gentle approach helped to uncover the core issues that could move me forward and end the patterns I kept repeating.  My feelings about myself and subsequently others look much different and I feel a renewed sense of purpose and happiness!

April Schillig, Executive Director

Louisville, Ohio

Shelly is an awesome person and has a subtle but mesmerizing way of clearing negative energy from me.

The transformation that I went through was pretty amazing when I was all finished.  Trying to figure out what just happened in the 3 short hours was mind-boggling.  It was uplifting, satisfying, energetic and I felt like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders and realized other things a couple of days later.  I guess I need time to reflect on certain situations and to let my body truly feel how it felt.

My attitude has changed, I don't get angry at things or situations that normally would piss me off or make me cry. I started to respond to FB to people with more heart.  I appreciate things and people in my life more than I did before the session and friendships are more sincere. Most of all, I'm taking it one day at a time to see how things unravel with personal circumstances.

My goal in all of this......To reach my dream job and go off the beaten path and do something that I normally wouldn't even attempt to do and that my friends are to write a book and to finish it!

So if you're having trouble with relationships, self-worth, family/communication issues or you keep attracting the wrong person to share your life with.  Don't you owe it to yourself to find out why you do the things you do?

Call Shelly and let the healing begin!

Theresa G. Massotherapist

Canton, Ohio

The angry gremlin that has wreaked havoc on my body/mind/relationships/interactions has left the building!! It’s incredible, I just feel so light, loving, and peaceful and by the way, people interact with me I know they can feel it too, at least I hope they do. I’ve been passing out hugs like never before, I just want people to feel loved. 

I came upon a realization that trying to be nice and spare hurting someone's feelings can be one of the cruelest things a person can do.  As I was about to write that notion down on a piece of paper, I opened up the book The 4 Agreements to the page "Be impeccable with your word". 

Well, its 2 weeks tomorrow since my session and I’ve lost 7 lbs., I don't have a desire to binge at all.

Erica C. Nurse

Urichsville, Ohio

When you need a better life and you can’t fix it yourself, I highly recommend that you meet with Shelly. Her expert counsel will enable you new insight and perspective that will change your life forever. For me, Her Time Line Therapy™ and Core Breakthrough techniques were more effective in a few hours than other professional counseling I have experienced. Shelly has guided me to cope with the past and live happier in the now. She is remarkable!

Rosemary Cramer, RN, BSN, Cht

Canton, OH

Thank you for the help and improvement you have given me.  I cannot fully tell you how grateful I am.  I feel that there was some divine intervention here.  

I have been searching for my dream job.  During that search process, I knew I had to get my head and heart fixed and then you walked into my life.  Thank you!

Larry M

N. Canton, Ohio

I am a practical, honest person, and I don’t take my recommendations lightly. That being said, my Core Breakthrough session with Shelly was life-changing. She helped me release deep, debilitating grief that I had been carrying around for nearly 30 years. I felt instantly lighter after the session, and I have not had the uncontrollable emotional eating desires since then. It’s amazing, I do not crave sugary treats at all. I know that I am healed on a deep level. The actual 30 year anniversary of the death came and went with little fanfare or pain. I highly recommend Shelly and her work for any type of thoughts or beliefs that seem to be holding you back from living your best life. I can’t even begin to calculate the returns on my investment with her. I let go of a job that was making me miserable, and I expect to get an offer for a new job next week. 


Akron, OH

Happy Smoke-Free Friday! I wanted to let you know things are going great! Haven’t smoked…don’t want to. You’re the best!


North Canton, OH

I can honestly tell you all that ‘baggage” I walked in with was gone! I am free of all negativity and filled with possibilities! The ‘dreams that were dying’ are “awakened” and it is with much hope and anticipation, I am ready to “launch” into my future. God bless you for your wisdom to get to the root of things and bury them in new soil. If all this had happened in 3 hours, I can’t wait to see what the next 90 days bring forth!


East Sparta, OH

The medical profession claims that the best that can be done for an Alzheimer’s patient is to slow the progression of the disease. They have no cure. I’m a healthy, active 72-year-old with a love of hiking and bicycling and nature. I love and am loved by my family and many friends, and my life is just plain too good to give up on any time soon. So I decided that I was going to explore any and every way I could find to beat this thing. Shelly has learned a technique that allows one to revisit core events in a gentle way. It is amazingly simple. Once revisited, she also has a gentle technique to clear the pain and trauma. What I appreciated more than anything was her gentle persistence and encouragement when I was resisting. I cannot describe how healing it is to come to terms with these past events. I believe that they were at the very basis of the Alzheimer’s. And I believe I am regaining my cognitive abilities as a result of this work. If this can reverse Alzheimer’s, who knows what it can do for any psychological or physiological ailment? I highly recommend Shelly and her healing method!


Massillon, OH

I came to Shelly to help me understand why I was going through my life feeling like I didn’t have a purpose.  I was able to get an understanding of why I am who I am and that that’s ok!

I was going to therapy at another place that was just scratching the surface of what I really needed to open up.  Shelly found that in our Breakthrough session.  I am more confident in my ability to create what I want in life.                                 


Green, Ohio

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