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Love vs Fear in Chaotic Times

How does one navigate a ‘pandemic’ from the spiritual perspective?

As above so below, as within so without! ~ Hermetic Axiom

As in heaven so on earth ~ Matthew 6:10

Fear spreads like wildfire creating a pandemic. Fear is what cannot be trusted!

As we transition to a new way of being, we have a choice to hold a vision of what we want. During times like these we may appear to out of our control, but we are far from it. We are all co-creators; it’s what we have forgotten and are now being further awakened to. We all want a world that is more harmonious, cooperative, prosperous and fulfilling, don’t we? Not just for a few but for all! Ask anyone what they want, and they will tell you it is peace and happiness. If this is true for you, then hold a vision of everyone prospering and thriving in peace and happiness.

This current event is a time for going within. As we are moving into a ‘quarantined’ state it’s not just about staying in, it’s about going within. We are being given an opportunity right now, as the shadows or hidden aspects of ourselves come forth, to acknowledge them. While we may not view all of these aspects as our best coming forth, every aspect of ourselves serve us in some way. Seeing the good in all things and embracing and loving every aspect of ourselves is the way to shift into wholeness. Our perceived darkness is just unresolved emotions from the past. Make peace with the past and close the door. When we do this for ourselves, we do it for the world.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. ~ written in 1955 by Jill Jackson-Miller and Sy Miller

While we have no control over the circumstances we are facing in the world right now, in the surrender we have a choice to embrace circumstances with complete faith. We can control what is going on within ourselves, with our thoughts and feelings which is what creates our world.

We’ve forgotten our true power. We have lived in a culture that told us we didn’t have it. This is simply not the truth. No matter our station or plight in life, each one of us has the God-given power to create the world we choose to live in. The power comes through what we think about and how we feel about it.

If you think about doom and gloom you will inevitably create it. If you envision a world of joy, prosperity, connection, cooperation and respect, that is what you create. Instead of focusing on the current ‘pandemic’ that is happening in this moment, place your thoughts in a peaceful space of wellness and prosperity.. When we understand that we, the people on this planet, have the power to shift this, collectively it will shift.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

~ Shelly ‘Chantie’ Valinttine is a Transformational Life Coach guiding shifts toward your peaceful, prosperous life. Learn more at

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