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5 Things to Remember about Change

There is really only one thing that never changes: CHANGE. It is constant, yet most of us resist change because it can be, and very often is, uncomfortable. When we don’t see it coming, change can be disruptive, and when do see change coming, it can cause stress.

No wonder we don’t like it. We humans are creatures of habit and we like it when things stay the same. We seek our own comfort zone and strive to maintain it. Some of us do our best work in the rocking chair of our comfort zone, but usually not. Most of us need a good challenge to get our creative juices flowing. And nothing challenges us more than dealing with change.

Whether change can be predicted, or comes out of the blue, it always offers opportunities. Here are five things to remember about change.

  1. It came to pass – it didn’t come to stay. Change brings new things and pushes old stuff out. Changes constantly pass through our lives, never staying for long. We can choose to regard its events as either positive or negative while in the midst of change. It is up to us to decide how to use our new circumstances to benefit ourselves. And there is always benefit. The benefit may not reveal itself easily but if we expect to find the good in change, we will. Remember that change teaches us to look for the good.

2,Change keeps us on our toes. If we are prepared for any eventuality, when change comes calling, we are ready. The key here is to remain flexible. Be ready to adjust and adapt when the time comes. And if you get caught flat-footed in the face of change, just do your best, look for the good, and learn how you could be more proactive in the future. Leverage any less-than-stellar experience to serve you in creating a more productive response to change. Remember that change teaches us how to be prepared.

  1. There is order in chaos. Deepak Chopra routinely uses New York City’s Grand Central Station as an example of how order exists in chaos. He describes the scene as “people running hither and thither,” and to the untrained eye, the whole thing appears to be chaotic. But in fact every one of those people running around like crazy knows exactly where they are going. What seems chaotic is actually orderly. The same is true of change. In the moment it may feel as if change is wreaking havoc in your life, but when viewed in the rear-view mirror with the passing of time, you will come to realize how the universe conspired to get you where you are today. Remember that change taches us to have faith in divine order.

  1. Stirring the pot is good. If you find yourself in the soup because of your “issues,” change can be a real bitch. Change of any kind can cause us upset if we are lugging around emotional baggage. When change is “stirring the pot,” unresolved issues (such as anger) will get kicked up and will begin swirling all around us until things settle back down. That’s the bad news. The good news is that while things are unsettled and our issues are swirling around in our face, we have the opportunity to recognize, isolate, and resolve them before the waters calm and our unresolved issues leave our sight to hide again in the shadows of our comfort zone. So, we can actually be grateful for change because it gives us a chance to resolve old behaviors and patterns that no longer benefit us. Remember that change offers personal growth.

  1. Confusion comes right before breakthrough. Confusion is often change’s traveling partner. Be grateful when you are experiencing confusion because it heralds an imminent breakthrough. The next time you are confused (for any reason) tell yourself that breakthrough is at hand. Confusion doesn’t always accompany change, but often does. Take it as a good sign. And when confusion itself is the agent of change in your life, consider it a double blessing. You get all the opportunities change offers, delivered with a side of a freeing breakthrough experience. (Probably a good time to buy a lottery ticket!) Remember that change teaches us to be grateful.

So when it comes to experiencing change in your life, remember it is ALL good. Change is a great teacher! Changes happen – things come and go – change passes through our lives, but never to stays for too long. Remember that while change is happening we can learn new things about life and ourselves. There is opportunity in every moment of our lives, but no moment is more powerful than those we are given during the process of change.

Bo Wise is a writer, web builder & publisher whose inspiration is derived from working with Shelly Valinttine of Spreading the good word!

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