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Mirrors of Forgiveness ​​​​​​

In the not so distant past, I used to get ‘caught up’ in other people’s drama. I guess I didn’t have much going on in my world at the time, so I allowed myself to get involved. However, having gone through some pretty intense shifts of late, my take on drama has changed. I am more cognizant of remaining in a centered loving space for all involved, not just one side or the other.

I am amazed at the interconnectedness of life and how something from one area of life intersects with something from a place totally different. When dealing with the world of energy and work of spirit, things are not always so clearly defined, and I don’t always understand at the mental level. I feel things and get my truest reading that way.

I recently witnessed a situation involving drama in others around me. I was not directly involved but because it was brought into my world, there was a reason I was witnessing it. There are aspects of this situation I wish to share to illustrate my point.

It was an interesting situation because it involved two highly spiritually tuned people. The two did different, yet complementary, work together. One attempted to create an enemy of the other and the other was maintaining boundaries, as far as I could see. I did not claim to understand this whole debacle, nor did I choose to do so. My part was to witness and hold my own boundaries.

The sad part was one individual was telling everyone how evil the other was. I knew that this individual was only going to harm themselves. Other people would call and ask me about the situation. Instead of offering an opinion, I told them to go to their heart and ask from that place. What does your heart tell you is true? Both individuals were confused. One was casting stones about the other who had a high profile in the spiritual community. Don Miguel Ruiz Sr., author of the book The Four Agreements would say this is “spreading poison.” I understand this because I have done it and realize how much it hurts me as well as others when I do.