about SHELLY

Shelly Valinttine is an Agent of Change literally, her passion is being a Change Specialist.  She guides people through transformation to create a better way to the live the life they are leading. Shelly’s life-long study of many healing techniques resulted in her developing The Core Evolution which evolved to In Divine Balance. 

The Divine Balance method is a combination of coaching and healing modalities to bring conscious, lasting change for anyone who seeks congruency in their life. 

A congruent life is a fulfilling life that offers you more happiness and peace.


Shelly has discovered a common theme among people she has helped, no matter what area of life they are dealing with, be it issues with health, relationships, career, etc. In discovering the root cause at The Core of any situation, she is able to guide effective true change for her clients. Shelly’s deep spiritual connection enhances every session with support, compassion and understanding. And her results-oriented nature is an element to enhance your success! 

Following the road less traveled, Shelly brings a wealth of wisdom from the ancient cultures to cutting edge techniques in natural and alternative change.  Shelly is a Transformation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Change Specialist and Medicine Woman with a holistic approach to all areas of life. Shelly is the mother of two beautiful daughters and she has a love and calling to nature, travel and ancient cultures.

  • Master Practitioner & Trainer of

          Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Studied: Native American culture and ceremony ~ Hawaiian culture and ceremony ~ Healing, Esoteric, Metaphysics and Spiritual works

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