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Decision To Let Go, Head or Heart?

Letting go of a heart balloon

We don’t realize how many decisions we make in a day. Because we make both unconscious and conscious decisions, the jury is still out on it. In my research, the approximation spanned anywhere from over two hundred about food alone to thirty five thousand made daily for an average adult.

When it comes to decisions regarding people in your life, some are not so easy to make. Recently met Kristi who is going through what I would consider a spiritual awakening. She is feeling lonely though. She is making positive changes in her life. She is finding that she is not connecting well with her friends anymore because she is opening herself up to new and more expansive ways of understanding and being. When you choose to raise your vibration there is a process where people, places and things you were once familiar with may not resonate with you any longer. A group of us explained to Kristi that it is natural to feel the way she is feeling which can make letting go of the old more challenging. The letting go in this case can be organic due to the lack of interest in what once was. She is moving toward new growth and possibilities in her life. In this case, the letting go is a natural evolution which is allowed by the soul. If one chooses to hang onto the old then that is made by the mind, and can cause confusion. Kristi listened to our stories of our personal journeys and felt more supported in her choices.

In another case, years back a close friend of mine married her soul mate of ten years. On their honeymoon, her son died unexpectedly. They immediately returned home and following the wake and burial, she slipped into an unknown space. We call it depression and this was a bit different. She was trying to reach her son and stay connected to him. She was here, yet not. She disappeared within herself. She lost the will to live because she desired to be with him more than be here. She and her son at a heart and soul level were truly connected. How does one ‘let go’ at that level? People were all too happy to voice their opinions about this. Because I had the opportunity to witness it, there was nothing I could say. I didn’t even make suggestions because I didn’t understand. I had never lost like that and felt such compassion for the situation. She let go of her husband six months later, long before she could let go of her son. As I’ve evolved on my spiritual journey, I’ve come to know that we are connected to souls long before this life. With that being said, healing and growth that transcends a single life may be more intense. Letting go may be more difficult.

People come in and out of our lives for seasons. Others stay. Every soul is there to show us something or teach us something, if we reflect upon the situation at the time. What if your heart is involved? Does this affect the decision to let one go? It was recently argued by someone I love very deeply and cannot be with, that you just have to decide to let go. I would say in the arena of the mind that is absolutely true. This is another example of a soul connection from eons of time. I had to let him go. It took some serious inner work due to the magnetic connection we had. Yet, if one is truly in tune with their heart and their heart is not healed or feels an incompletion, is letting go truly possible? I felt that him contacting me on occasion, stirred up feelings and it caused my heart to ache. It took time and energy to let him go again and again. How does a heart let go? I’ve meditated on it and talked to people about it. My conclusion: the heart is unpredictable and our minds can’t begin to wrap around the expansive intelligence of the heart. A decision to ‘let go’ from the head can be in an instant. A decision to ‘let go’ from the heart is when the heart is ready!

Shelly guides people through life changes, breakthroughs from stuck patterns and limiting beliefs. Contact 330-415-5199 to learn more!

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