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The Core Breakthrough

Your Core Evolution...

…begins when you decide that enough is enough and a change must be made to stop the cycles that do not serve you. Below are services that provide knowledge and guidance and lasting change toward

your personal alignment In Divine Balance.

The Core Breakthrough
3 hours Session

This session is designed for you who wish to overcome challenges and/or behaviors and that have kept you stuck in repetitive patterns and wish to accelerate your growth and reduce your suffering.

“I am a practical, honest person, and I don’t take my recommendations lightly. That being said, my Core Breakthrough session with Shelly was life-changing. She helped me release deep, debilitating grief that I had been carrying around for nearly 30 years. I felt instantly lighter after the session, and I have not had the uncontrollable emotional eating desires since then. It’s amazing, I do not crave sugary treats at all. I know that I am healed on a deep level. The actual 30 year anniversary of the death came and went with little fanfare or pain. I highly recommend Shelly and her work for any type of thoughts or beliefs that seem to be holding you back from living your best life. I can’t even begin to calculate the returns on my investment with her. I let go of a job that was making me miserable, and I expect to get an offer for a new job next week.”   MK, Akron, OH

ReVision Life Coaching

These sessions are designed to create breakthroughs of unwanted patterns and behaviors. You will acquire tools to recreate the life you desire and accelerate your progress while effecting lasting change.

Huna Energy Healing

Experience the ancient Hawaiian practice of Huna coupled with Frequency Music to powerfully assist you to relieve symptoms, restore balance and potentially breakthrough blocks stored in the body.

  • Relax into your natural soul self

  • Remember who you truly are

  • Free yourself from imposed patterns

  • Being in nature is the magic to letting go of tension and relaxing

Time Line Therapy®

A unique and unmatched method for creating powerful change.

Call for consultation typically coupled with other modalities!

“After a decade of working with another life coach and not getting the results I desired while experiencing turmoil in various situations, it was time to find a solution.  By Divine intervention, I found Shelly.   She facilitated healing and growth in 2 sessions that I had not achieved previously in 10 years.  Her gentle approach helped to uncover the core issues that could move me forward and end the patterns I kept repeating.  My feelings about myself and subsequently others look much different and I feel a renewed sense of purpose and happiness!”  April Schillig, Executive Director, Louisville, Ohio

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“When you need a better life and you can’t fix it yourself, I highly recommend that you meet with Shelly. Her expert counsel will enable you new insight and perspective that will change your life forever. For me, Her Time Line Therapy™ and Core Breakthrough techniques were more effective in a few hours than other professional counseling I have experienced. Shelly has guided me to cope with the past and live happier in the now. She is remarkable!”  Rosemary Cramer, RN, BSN, Cht, Canton, OH

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Bring about powerful change using mental imagery and imagination.

“Happy Smoke-Free Friday! I wanted to let you know things are going great! Haven’t smoked…don’t want to. You’re the best!”   LM, North Canton, OH

Remote Healing

Your energy healing session is conducted remotely. All you have to do is get quiet and relax at home. Open yourself up to the healing energy being sent. This is very effective. 


Discover the blueprint of your life through Numerology 

The Halogrithm encompasses varied aspects of your life to connect the dots

of how your world works in harmony

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