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Why you Shouldn't Care what Other People Think...

A very long time ago, a dear friend of mine who was always positive and seemed to move through life’s challenges with an upbeat attitude, would say to me “What other people think of you is none of your business”. Due to my upbringing and cultural conditioning, I couldn’t comprehend this message at first. I thought the thoughts of others was “what mattered most”, especially, when it came to my parents. I grew up in a role of peacekeeping, people pleasing and approval seeking.

But why did I care so much about what others thought? I came to realize, as I listened to my inner wisdom, that this was a trap that held me in bondage as a limiting belief at an unconscious level. When we recognize a behavior we’ve been repeating that no longer serves us, this is the opportunity our unconscious mind is allowing us to let it go of now. You have a choice at that time. You can let it go or not. If you don’t, it will circle back for you to learn another lesson. This is why I usually decide to let it go when I recognize it.

You may think that this is easier said than done. How do you just let it go, you may ask? There are many ways. What I have found to be helpful and most effective is discovering the root cause of the problem. This can be done by really taking the time to reflect inward through meditation. When you take the time to meditate, you can ask for the answer to this question and for help from your guardian angels and guides to assist you. They are always on standby waiting for your call for help.

Ask before going to bed at night and allow for an answer upon waking the next day. It may show up when you least expect it. Pay attention to signs in your life. Journal to the depth of your soul and allow an answer to come through in that way. Using your non-dominant hand can allow for real depth, especially if you feel blocked. Just write unfiltered without the concern of spelling, punctuation, etc. Let the words flow onto the paper. If it feels like an entrenched stuck pattern that you cannot access, you can always reach out for breakthrough coaching. What you are seeking is not of the conscious mind but the unconscious mind. When working with clients, I usually have them focus on their heart and solar plexus just above their belly button. This is the area where the truth is held. Give it a whirl!

Someone recently accused me of being something that I now know I am not. My old self would have been in freak out mode and offended over this. Yet when I heard it, I just laughed. I realized that I am cured of a bogus belief. I know who I am now and what my truth is. When you are in your personal Divine Balance you are centered and nothing can rock you from that. It’s a extraordinary feeling of liberation!

Meditate! Be Still! Love yourself enough to allow your truth that resides within you to come forth. It is the key to the discovering the answers to your life’s questions and your personal evolution. When you trust your inner voice, other people's opinions will matter less and less. What other people think of you won’t really matter much at all.

Shelly guides breakthroughs of limiting beliefs, stuck patterns and difficult life changes. Call 330-415-5199 EST to begin your journey toward freedom and joy!

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