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Equality for our human family

During yoga this morning a thought surfaced in a neutral and peaceful manner. If the tables were turned on the George Floyd situation what would have happened to George and his posse? He would have been immediately arrested along with his accomplices. He would have then stood trial and served his sentence. All without haste. Treat his oppressor in the same manner. We the People are just asking for integrity in the system. If I would commit a crime, I would expect the same for me. Be consistent with everyone no matter what your profession or occupation, color or social status. This event has been an opportunity for me to really reflect quite deeply. I recall as a child how I never saw people with different skin color as anything less or more than who I was. I also recall being enamored with the beauty of darker skin people Native Americans. Indians from India, Polynesians, Africans & African Americans.

During a discussion with a dear friend of mine she brought up this point, “Is this really a race issue or is it a supremacy issue? No matter what color they are feel they’re better than or superior to others? Yes, it is most prevelant in white males. This my friends struck a chord very deeply. We are all humans on this planet. Yeah, we all have our differences. And guess what, we all breathe in oxygen, we all have a heart, we have the same structure of bones, organs, nervous system, pulmonary system and all think. We think differently and the same. We all create. Each one of us has gifts and talents. Beyond that we all have a soul. I know some might disagree and you are free to do so. Every human being has the freedom to choose, it is innate within us, even if you have been conditioned to think that you don’t have a choice.

It comes down to that choice, and in that reflection of the world events I see within the frustration of the collective. I know within my being that if we were created equal in the eyes of God, then it was man and his laws that distorted that equality. My prayer and intention last night during the full moon lunar eclipse was for us all to awaken and be aware that we are all a human family on this planet. I am taking responsibility by shifting the insane perpetuation of the sins of our fathers and mothers to recognize that in our humanity we have an opportunity to help, serve and empower every and all of our family members no matter their color, creed or status. I intend for LOVE to pervade all decisions, for peace to be the climate in our much needed change and unbiased justice for the equality of each human on our planet. My heart emanates love and peace to all!!!

~Shelly "Chantie' Valinttine is a spiritual activist for change. Often holding the visions and expressing the intentions through prayer.

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