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Winter Into Spring

As the wild winds blow causing warm and cold fronts to interlace between the seasons, we find

ourselves emulating the same patterns. Old worn out patterns stuck in our unconscious minds are loosening up and rising to the surface to be released. It’s caused many to just chill out this winter being less active. Are you experiencing internal shifts? Do not be alarmed! The season of stillness and contemplation is shifting into organic action. It’s like the seed that is planted in the dark warm earth emerging as a budding stem and then evolves into its full natural state of a flower, fruit or vegetable. The seed doesn’t have to try, it just is what it is naturally. When we become still and listen to our hearts, we grow and evolve similarly.

We are being leveled up spiritually as a human race. It has been a chaotic time for very many of us. Those who are resistant or cannot handle the chaotic energy are experiencing radical reactions, emotionally and/or mentally. Some, find themselves physically clearing out the old, only to express it through illnesses, flu, cold, or respiratory issues. It’s time to take care of yourself! All disease and disorders of the physical body begin as unresolved negative emotions now begging to be released.

For generations we’ve been conditioned to be something other than our natural selves. We are now being called by spirit to reverse those effects and allow ourselves to just “be.” It is the evolution necessary to grow into who we are naturally meant to be. As part of that evolving, we are most likely undoing decades of undesired and unwanted actions and thoughts. At this new spiritual level, all we have to do is ask and it is given. The time of rapid manifesting is here! Be aware of your repetitive thoughts because they will manifest. Thinking is asking. What you ask for, you get - both wanted and unwanted. Let’s focus on the wanted!

During my morning walk in the woods, I was having a conversation on the with a respected elder and friend who shared with me a repetitive, worrisome thought about her memory which she feared might be failing. I suggested she create a mantra to replace the worrisome thought. A mantra literally came to me when I reached the river. The words just flowed from my lips without thought. “Allow my memory to flow clearly and freely like a river!” When I suggested it, she loved it and thanked me for the reminder. We all need the reminders. “Pay attention” because reminders are all around us. Use an accountability partner to help you recognize your unwanted thoughts and replace them with mantras to remind you of what you want to manifest instead.

We are just coming out of what has felt like a spin cycle this winter. This energy of “wringing out” has brought to the surface old thoughts, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. If you notice an old thought or pattern surface, is the time to let it go and release it. If you don’t know how, ask for help.

As a life coach, I witness people and old stuff coming forth, while experiencing it for myself. If we feel what comes up, and allow it to clear, the clearing will happen quite quickly. If we resist and fight what’s coming up, the problem tends to persist. We are all in the process of “clearing” and are in preparation for what is to come, we are being aligned with our souls’ journey here on earth. Aligning will bring you balance, joy, peace and harmony! As you become clearer and liberate yourself from the past, what you once dreamed of may seem possible now!

One last thought. We are being shown more than ever how connected we are to everything - the weather, the cosmos, earth and all her inhabitants. Prior to the industrial age, as humans we had a greater connection to our planet. As we move deeper into the technological age, we are seeing numbers of children who are deathly afraid of the outdoors. They are not being guided to their true nature which is connected to the earth, not an electronic device.

Get outside! Take your children or inner child into the natural playground of a forest, woods or desert area near you. Plant your naked feet upon the earth and ground in. Yes, even if it’s just for a moment in the cold. Allow earth’s energy to rebalance and connect to your true nature. The time is NOW to clear out the old and Thrive!

Shelly Valinttine specializes in Breakthrough Coaching, guiding you out of the unwanted into the wanted! Check out what others have experienced, testimonials at!

To schedule your free phone consultation text 330-415-5199

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