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ReVision Coaching Packages

Life coaching is an investment in one’s self toward what they truly desire for their life. Having a skilled professional to guide them through that process can enhance the results.  What Shelly offers is beyond what a traditional life coaching experience entails.

She believes in clearing away the old stuck energy to create a clear space for her clients to move forward.  Then through modalities of ancient science and healing, she guides acceleration toward the desired results.  It’s completely an inside job and once a client gets that then it’s a game changer.  Shelly’s guidance and education offer no two experiences.  Each client has their own journey and no cookie cutter package is offered here.

Shelly has been a witness to 180° changes with clients who have started in very dark states of then shifting into living happily and in peace in just days or weeks.   This experience is invaluable to those who have gone through it.  Here are some of the highlights of clients:


C.S. came to Shelly saturated in grief and had dreams that went decades unfulfilled. After her clearing experience and within 30 days she started creating again!  She recorded a music CD, wrote a book and began public speaking again.  What a powerful shift!

M.M. began the 90-day package depressed, unsure what to do, stuck and lost sight of her desires.  Within 6 months of working together, she and her husband moved to their dream destination and created a whole new life.  She continually attracted opportunities and the year following they purchased their dream home!

A. S. began coaching in a quagmire of corporate bullying and unsure how to proceed in her career and life.  She went from suicidal to empowered and is currently authoring a book to empower people to live from their hearts versus expectations. She also learned to attract her desires into her life. She and her husband attracted new opportunities and are living on a lake in the home of their dreams. She is living her life happily in balance,  with love and more abundance!

R.L. began coaching very ill and way out of balance.  He went from victim mentality to an empowered Master creating a life that is more harmonious & balanced. Experiencing health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


What do you desire for your life?  Not sure any longer? What's holding you back? 

We all go through transitions in life that may leave this void of uncertainty. 

She is dedicated to your success... isn't it time to invest in yourself?

90-Day coaching package    120-Day Package   

Payment plans available

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