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Retreat for Focus!?

When I am focused on a project and discover that something is amiss it is time to retreat and re-evaluate.

Sometimes we have a block or get stuck in a problem. The old habit was ‘banging my banging up against the brick wall until I got the answer’. Having changed that habit, it’s actually funny to me now. Pushing is so much harder and frustrating!

By pulling back, meditating, taking a mini nap or going into nature to reconnect, this allows the mind to redirect. Take time to let a situation or idea go and just relax into a place of peace and/or joy. I know this falls smack in the face of what all the type A success leaders will tell you. However, ‘letting go’ is a key to manifestation!

Growing up in the house of an entrepreneur of a 24-hour service business the message was you go, go, go and never stop. You push through and you make things happen! That is a recipe for a host of problems on so many levels. Not to mention it is the HARD way!

The truth is, seeking a balance when the scales are tipped too far in one direction is a wise choice for your wellbeing as well as the solution to any situation. The greatest minds on this planet retreated and took naps to regroup and allow the answers to come forth.