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Retreat for Focus!?

When I am focused on a project and discover that something is amiss it is time to retreat and re-evaluate.

Sometimes we have a block or get stuck in a problem. The old habit was ‘banging my banging up against the brick wall until I got the answer’. Having changed that habit, it’s actually funny to me now. Pushing is so much harder and frustrating!

By pulling back, meditating, taking a mini nap or going into nature to reconnect, this allows the mind to redirect. Take time to let a situation or idea go and just relax into a place of peace and/or joy. I know this falls smack in the face of what all the type A success leaders will tell you. However, ‘letting go’ is a key to manifestation!

Growing up in the house of an entrepreneur of a 24-hour service business the message was you go, go, go and never stop. You push through and you make things happen! That is a recipe for a host of problems on so many levels. Not to mention it is the HARD way!

The truth is, seeking a balance when the scales are tipped too far in one direction is a wise choice for your wellbeing as well as the solution to any situation. The greatest minds on this planet retreated and took naps to regroup and allow the answers to come forth.

Long before scientists were able to prove the efficacy of short naps during daytime, Albert Einstein knew they were critical for his work, which required absolute focus of the mind. Einstein said waking up while in the first stage of sleep helped to loosen the ego. Moreover, he knew naps helped activate the part of our brain that creates vivid imagery and sensation. ~ Alap Naik Desai -

According to our ego, we need to do everything ourselves. The truth is we have inner wisdom connected to the entire Universe. Retreating is allowing your inner guidance to tap into that wisdom. If you allow it, your inner intelligence will do the problem solving for you. Ask, in your mind, for help and then take a brain break and let go. Allow the answers or resolution pop in. You may already be doing this and not be consciously aware of it.

If corporations were smart they would allow short naps for productivity!

I ask for a solution from the mundane to complex before going to bed at night . When I wake with the answer I know it’s been divinely given and the perfect solution. Thanks! Gratitude will get you everywhere BTW.

Creating a habit of retreating is quite powerful and beneficial to your work not to mention you overall wellbeing! This habit enhances your focus and you feel better as a result! Next time your ‘banging your head on a wall’, try a nap or meditation instead. To your Divine Balance!

Shelly Valinttine is a Personal Development Breakthrough expert who is results oriented! Visit or contact via email


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