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We are NOT our Mistakes!

I recently spoke with a young woman, whom I’ll name Riki, who shared with me that she went to prison. It was evident in our conversation that she was a good person. She expressed a program guided by a counselor that helped her immensely to integrate back into society.

She expressed about a recent occurrence with her friend who ‘got all crazy’ and Riki stated she doesn’t do crazy any longer. Of course alcohol was in involved and in an altered state different aspects of our selves rise to the surface. She said her friend was so drunk that she won’t remember what she did. Riki was choosing something different for her life. She thought the best thing to do was stay away. Sometimes that is the best thing to do yet if you care about someone then they will not have an opportunity to become better if they are not told the truth. I shared “if no one says anything to her than she will think everything is A-OK and it not.”

This allowed us to engage in a brief discussion about healing and bettering ourselves. We talked about how we repeat patterns that don’t serve us due to how we grew up or information that in stored in our DNA. These are unconscious and therefore unknown to our conscious thoughts much of the time. I shared with her the depth of the unconscious mind and that it holds the knowledge of a problem and allow for the ability to release it. We don’t knowingly go around repeating patterns of hurting people most of the time; it is out of our conscious awareness and sometime even if conscious we don’t know how to stop it. In my experience as a healing guide, my clients never knew the origination of their problem because it was passed to them through DNA from their ancestors.

Our behaviors are shaped through our familial and cultural conditioning along with the information stored within the cells of our bodies (DNA). This is what I consider the real terminology “The sins of the father/mother”. This is not to blame anyone just that some our ‘stuff’ isn’t our stuff yet unaddressed we repeat the patterns through our entire life and can pass it on. We are not our mistakes yet if we continue to repeat the mistakes over and over; it may appear that we are. This is not the truth. We, as human beings, are not our behaviors we are much more than that. Know the difference and love the person and not the behavior. Love yourself and when you are ready change the behaviors that don’t serve you.

Next thing Riki said was ‘everything happens for a reason and you were meant to be here in this moment for me to meet you.’ Thank you for helping me to see things better.

Shelly is a Breakthrough Life coach, guiding people to liberation from stuck states and repetitive patterns. For a free consultation contact 330-415-5199 or email @

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