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The Power of Choice

We’ve all gone through circumstances that have blocked our growth that made us feel that we are stuck without the choice to break free from the patterns that are holding us back. Although we are born with free will, the ability to act at one’s discretion, we are programmed by our generational beliefs, our government, religion, and medical systems. This programming causes a false appearance that we do not have choice to create our reality. There is always a choice to break free of our cultural conditioning and how we were raised and trained through false belief systems. Have you ever been trapped by a particular habit or negative thought patterns that causes disruptive emotional or behavioral patterns? I invite you to explore beyond the limitations of your current belief systems that block your actions. What if you could release the emotion(s) connected to the root cause of your stuck state? Once uncovered what blocks you and releasing the emotion(s), you will be empowered to choose change or acceptance and put the power in your hands instead of your environmental circumstances that steer your direction be it your home, work, community and relationships. The power of choice is freedom! Imagine experiencing liberation from something that held you back for decades in just a few hours.

Shelly guides breakthroughs to empower people In Divine Balance! text or call 330-415-5199 EDT

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