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'Not Defining' Moments

It happened on a very hot day back in 2008, as I was exiting the freeway. I remember as clear as yesterday, when this epiphany hit me more profoundly than anything had at the time. The voice within said ‘you are not defined by the car you drive’. I was driving my husband’s old Honda and the windows hardly went down, the air conditioning didn’t work and the stereo was crap. While sitting at the light just off that exit ramp sweating profusely, I felt absolutely liberated. The feeling was so pure & blissful, and for a time nothing could rock me off that centered place. It was a knowing to the core of my being that nothing could define me.

I recently worked with a client who shared with me several days after a breakthrough session that an award she had been working so diligently toward didn’t matter to her anymore. She realized that she was enough without receiving that accolade. She was two weeks away from earning it and decided that if she got, she got it and if she didn’t she didn’t. She ended up with the reward yet her perception of the need to have it to define her worth, shifted 180°. That is Absolute Liberation!

What have you allowed to define who you are? A job, a position, the right clothes, a man/woman, social class or what other people think? How about the roles you play in life? When you are living from a place of authenticity, everything in life will fall into place and open your eyes to your soul's purpose in the world. You are merely being who you are and doing your thing. You don’t have to earn it, work for it or strive for it, you just are. You know that no award or car or clothing or social circle can define who you are. That feeling of liberation is a solidification of your truth and simply put you have embraced your personal power by relinquishing the façade of the material world.

Since adopting allowing vs striving in life, I care much less about the outward appearance of things. When I engage in what I want in my life, the more I am attracting my own greatness into my life. When I remain in a place of my own inner freedom; I feel no need to be defined by someone, or something, outside of myself to prove my own worth. When each of us achieves this state of freedom, we will live more harmoniously as we were intended. Liberation and Freedom is our birthright! If you seek liberation…Shelly Valinttine guides breakthroughs and transformation In Divine Balance visit to learn more!

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