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Restorative Frequency Music

Can listening to music heal the body? The answer is yes. Music is already successfully being used in several medical settings. It soothes postoperative pain, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system’s response. Music can re-balance hormone activity, help with sleep issues, release regenerative endorphins while effectively relieving stress and giving us a greater sense of peace. This alone ultimately leads to faster healing. Modern day studies have many times over proven the benefits of music.


Special types of music enhance healing and wellbeing. This knowledge goes back thousands of years. There are ancient healing frequencies that remain influential even in music today. Frequencies are all around us in nature. They can be very powerful. And, there are specific frequencies that have the divine power to heal. Great composers like Mozart and philosophers like Plato attested to the power of healing frequencies in music.


There are frequencies that eliminate feelings of fear, guilt, and shame. There are frequencies that can break negative life cycles. There are frequencies that boost energy, productivity and creativity. Some frequencies support the healthy function of our body systems. There are frequencies that provide deep spiritual and emotional health and can bridge the gap between healthy and unhealthy relationships to foster forgiveness and peace.


When used in concert with other modalities, healing frequency music gently supports the process of healing and facilitates a more comfortable, effective response in a shorter period of time.

Allow a professional to suggest a frequency that will match your needs. Music used during a Betar session amplifies the effects of the healing!  See for details on Betar Frequency sessions.

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