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In Divine Balance
Emerge ~ Evolve ~ Thrive
become your best self  

   D I V I N E   B A L A N C E

At the Core of every challenge we face, is a root cause.

That root cause holds the key to effective, lasting change.

Accessing that root cause will empower YOU to Transform 

and move toward the Life you Desire!





Shelly Valinttine
Transformational Coach
Spiritual ~ Emotional
Mental~ Physical

In Divine Balance

To discover how to

obtain and remain

in your own divine balance...

Restorative Frequency Music
Energy Healing
  • Clear core negative emotions

  • Dissolve limiting repetitive patterns

  • Free yourself from "stuck states"

  • Create breakthroughs of unwanted patterns & behaviors

  • Acquire tools to recreate the life you desire (ReVisioning)

  • Accellerate your progress while effecting lasting change

  • Quickly reduce or remove physical pain,  such as headaches, hip/knee pain

  • ​Clear energetic blocks

  • Restore Chakra balance

  • Balance energy flow within the body

Remote Healing
  • Receive the benefits of energy healing in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home

  • Relax and open yourself to receive the energy

  • Interactive Communication during your session

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