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In Divine Balance

You are a Gift ~ Unwrap your Authentic self!  

Shelly Valinttine
Multidimensional Life Coach / Healing Guide
Providing A Transformative Experience
on a Spiritual ~ Emotional ~ Mental~ Physical Level

 Instead of feeling...

  stuck ~ frustrated ~ helpless 
because you can't change bad habits, or you attract people who treat you poorly, or there isn't enough money or time, or there is more to life and you just don't know what that is and you can't seem to breakthrough the glass ceiling in your life...
You will feel...
happy ~ free ~ abundant
And what that means is...
you know your purpose, live it & feel fulfilled.
And what it really means is you will once and for all...
have the peace of mind that you have always wanted!
Book a free Phone Consult today!

"I cannot fully tell you how grateful I am. I feel that there was some divine intervention here.  

I have been searching for my dream job. During that search process, I knew I had to get my

head and heart fixed and then you walked into my life. Thank you! " Larry M


At the Core of every challenge we face, is a root cause.

That root cause holds the key to effective, lasting change. 

Accessing that root cause will empower YOU to Transform 

and move toward the Life you Desire! 

Book a free Phone Consult today!

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  • Clear core negative emotions

  • Dissolve limiting repetitive patterns

  • Liberate yourself from "stuck states"

  • Free yourself from outdated patterns & habits.

  • Discover the secrets Nature reveals about you.

  • Tap into Universal consciousness impacting your life!

  • Quickly reduce or remove physical pain,  such as headaches, hip/knee pain

  • ​Clear energetic blocks

  • Restore Chakra balance

  • Balance energy flow within the body

Isn't it time to discover your true self,

your true power,

while being in

your own

divine balance?

As humanity enters a new era, we are remembering more of who we

truly are. This expansion is a multidimensional experience of

your soul's truth!

Emerge ~ Evolve ~ Thrive

                   Isn't it time to live your soul's truest expression?                         Book your free Phone Consultation today!

In Divine Balance
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